AATF Rendez-vous des Retraités
15 janvier 2020

About fifteen avid francophiles enjoyed a wonderful afternoon at our bi-monthly gathering on January 15. Barbara Barnett explained her amazing work based on her interviews with survivors of the Années Honteuses in France during World War II, and we watched two of her wonderful documentaries, Lucie Aubrac, Lumière Rayonnante de la Resistance, and Lustiger, Le Cardinal Juif.  Lively discussions, en français, followed by and continued over a delicious lunch. (Many thanks to those who contributed.)


We missed those retraités who could not attend this engaging experience and we have encouraged Barbara to help continue this conversation by showing us another of her documentaries next year.


Our next get-together will be Wednesday, March 18, program and location TBD. Please send along your ideas. Some sort of program followed by lunch for camaradie and conversation seems to be the ideal combination, but we could also just enjoy one another’s company over lunch. (FYI, À la Maison in Ardmore is closed, so recommendations for an eatery, preferably French, which could accommodate us all are welcome.)


It was so good to see some new faces at the meeting. Word of mouth is the best way to add to the group, so please spread the word to other retired language teachers who might be interested in joining us.


A gentle reminder, as well, that if you are not currently a 2020 member of the ATTF, it’s time to join or re-join. I will attach the information about the various options. Merci.  


Happy winter!