N A T I O N A L   F R E N C H   W E E K 

      The 300 Philadelphia Chapter members always celebrate with their own language activities, food and music, the goal being to bring French out of the classroom and into the community. Administrators and guidance counselors are included in the activities, to heighten knowledge and appreciation of French language and culture. Here are examples of recent activities for members, followed by rationale and suggestions for school- and community-based activities.  See also www.frenchteachers.org, under "National French Week.

National French Week:

Suggestions to supplement activities held by teachers in their schools and their communities.

1. Go public!
      Let parents, administrators and the community know what you are doing in French. We know you are doing great work, alors il faut battre le tambour.

2. Bring a Buddy!
      Bring a non French friend to a French activity. They will have such a good time that they will sign up for French the next year.

3. Tell a Story!
      Tell a story in French during the time allotted for reading at the Public Library. High School Seniors can do this as an assignment.

4. Publish a Newspaper!
      The newspaper is an excellent vehicle for practicing grammar and acquiring useful vocabulary while putting into use the students' diverse interests and talents. Be sure to make a copy available at the local library and distribute issues to parents, other students, administrators, school board members...

5. Dance at the Mall!
      Ballet students can perform at the Shopping Mall; demonstrate the various steps and moves while explaining the French vocabulary.

6. Bike to the Park!
      Organize a Tour du Parc and play Boules and enjoy a déjeuner sur l'herbe.

7. Deck the museums!
      Display student work in the town museum, local businesses, banks and so on.

8. Feature the Student of the Month!
      Display photo of the student on the Hall of Fame Wall in the school, have an article published in the newspaper and send a letter to the parents.

9. Celebrate Success!
      Hold an Awards Ceremony for the winners of the Grand Concours. Invite your Mayor, Representative, and Senator...

10. Name an Advocate!
      Honor a member of the community by naming him/her a friend of French.