Movie Night, "Fatima"

3rd Annual Movie Night Review

Once again, it was a cold January evening. But what better way to spend it than with other francophiles watching a French language movie that you wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to view in a movie theater? About 70 people joined us for a screening of the movie “Fatima”, followed by an in-depth discussion led by Bryn Mawr instructor Lisa Quarnstrom.


According to Stephen Holden of the New York Times, it “... captures the conflicts and tensions of the immigrant experience in France.”


A beautiful story of mother-daughter relationships, we witness the struggles of a high school daughter and a first year university daughter, as well as a mother who finds her voice. This movie re-enforces the importance of being able to express oneself in both written and spoken language; in studies, in relationships, and in intra-personal thoughts. It won 3 Césars, including Best Picture.


As always, the post film discussions are lively and animated. We hear interesting viewpoints from those who have shared this immigrant experience, both overseas and here in the states.

And it affords us an opportunity to share our thoughts and perspectives with one another, to perhaps learn something new.


Many thanks to Rita Davis for finding this film for us, and to The Agnes Irwin School for sharing Bryn Mawr Film Institute with us.