AATF-Philadelphia Chapter
Professional Development Stipend 


1.  Purpose:

• Encourage teachers of French to become active members of the American Association of Teachers of French

• Promote professional growth through workshops, conventions and conferences

• Promote the usage of current methods in teaching French


2.  Eligibility – the nominee must:

• be a teacher or professor of French in a school under the Philadelphia chapter jurisdiction

• have at least one year teaching experience but no more than six years

• be in good standing in the school and community

• be a current member of the AATF


3.  Process:

• The stipend is given annually. The recipient receives a one-year complimentary national and local membership in the AATF. Expenses of up to $400.00 will be reimbursed by the local Chapter of the AATF upon completion of the recipient's courses, workshops or specific activities related to the purpose of the award. A report or presentation will be given by the recipient to the Chapter describing the professional development activities and how they enhanced his/her teaching career within 6 months of the course or training completion.

• If there is no qualified nominee in any given year, the Chapter reserves the right to withhold the award.


4.  Nomination – the package should include:

• A letter of recommendation from an AATF member or a colleague who has knowledge of the nominee’s experience, skills and qualifications including:

i. A passion for the French language and culture>

ii. Promotion of French programs and activities

iii. Potential for a leadership role in French organizations<

• A current resume of the nominee

• The nominee’s personal statement outlining his/her qualifications for the award and his/her future plans 

  • The nomination packet should be sent to:

Friend of French Award

Purpose: This award was created by our chapter to honor a person who makes or has made a noteworthy contribution to the promotion of the study of French and/or of Francophone cultures in the United States.




  1. Nominee must not be a teacher of French (current or out-of-the classroom).

  2. Nominee must reside or work within the region served by our chapter.

  3. Nominee must make or have recently made, within the region served by our chapter, a noteworthy contribution to the promotion of the French language and/or the promotion of French or Francophone cultures


Nomination form

Contact Rochelle Ostroff-Weinberg for more information.