(Reviewed and revised February 2012)

Article I: Name


      The name of this organization shall be the Philadelphia Chapter of the American Association of Teachers of French.


Article II: Purpose


      The purpose of this association shall be to promote professional, academic and cultural interests among teachers of French in the elementary and secondary schools, and the colleges and universities of the Philadelphia area.


Article III: Membership


    Section 1: Eligibility - Any current or former teacher of French, or anyone interested in the teaching of French, is eligible.


    Section 2: Admittance - Any person qualifying for membership under Article III, Section 1 may be admitted to membership upon payment of the prescribed dues. Membership runs for the calendar year, January 1-December 31.


Article IV: Officers


    Section 1: Officers - There shall be a President (or Co-Presidents), Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.


    Section 2: Term of Office - The term for all officers shall be for two years, all elected in the same year.


    Section 3: Eligibility for re-election - The President (or Co-Presidents) and Vice-President shall be eligible for re-election, but not to exceed two successive terms. The Secretaryand Treasurer may be elected for an indefinite number of terms.


    Section 4: Selection of nominees to office - A nominating committee shall accept nominations from the Chapter membership for the respective offices during the winter preceding each election. All nominees shall have been AATF members for the two consecutive years preceding the election, and their local Chapter membership must be current. Past officers may offer themselves for re-election after being out of office for one term. The nominating committee shall verify the eligibility of the nominees and ascertain their willingness to serve.


    Section 5: Elections - Elections shall be by ballot sent by email to all individual members of the Chapter prior to the spring meeting. Responses must be submitted by postal service. A simple majority of affirmative votes shall be required for election.


    Section 6: Election results - Announcement of election results shall be made at the spring meeting. All officers shall begin their term of office immediately following the spring meeting.


    Section 7: Executive Council - In addition to the above-named officers, a deliberative council, or conseil, consisting of 10-12 active and willing Chapter members selected by the officers, shall meet several times a year to discuss Chapter affairs and to seek ways and means to fulfill and carry out the aims and programs of the Philadelphia Chapter. The immediate Past President shall be an ex officio member for one term, , and the Contest Administrator is invited to be an ex officio member.


Article V: Duties of Officers


    Section 1: President - The President of the Chapter shall serve as the executive and ceremonial head of the Chapter and shall call and preside at all meetings of the membership. With the advice of the Executive Council, s/he shall choose the date, time, location and program for the meetings. The President shall appoint Chairs of any special committees as necessary and be a signatory for financial transactions in the event that the Treasurer is unavailable. The President shall also send reports of chapter activities to the regional representative for publication in the National Bulletin. This office may be divided between two Co-Presidents.


    Section 2: Vice-President - The Vice-President of the Chapter shall immediately assume the office of the President (or Co-President) and discharge the duties of that unexpired term of office, in the event that the President or Co-President should be unable to complete that term. The Vice-President shall preside over membership meetings and otherwise serve as acting President (or Co-President) in the absence of the President.


    Section 3: Secretary - The Secretary shall, in the function of Secretary, record and keep the minutes of all meetings and promptly send copies to the officers and members of the Executive Council. In addition, s/he shall notify the membership of all general meetings and handle the official correspondence for the Chapter. The Secretary will proofread and/or edit any documents as requested by the President.


    Section 4: Treasurer - The Treasurer shall maintain an accurate record of the financial situation of the Chapter, give a detailed report at the first meeting of the calendar year, and be the first of the two signatories for all financial transactions.


    Section 5: Filling of Vacancies - Should any of the above elected officers be unable to complete the term of office, the vacancy may be filled by a person selected by the other officers without consulting the membership.


Article VI: Meetings


      Two or three regular meetings shall be held in every academic year. If there are two, they will be in late fall and early spring. If there are three, the first meeting (fall meeting) shall take place in October-November, the second meeting (winter meeting) shall take place in January-February, and the third meeting (spring meeting) shall take place in March, April or May.


Article VII: Applicability of National Constitution


      Articles of the AATF National Constitution and By-Laws apply to the Philadelphia Chapter, and nothing in this chapter Constitution is to be considered in contradiction of the National Constitution.


Article VIII: Dissolution


      This Philadelphia Chapter may be dissolved by a two-thirds vote of Council members present and voting at a regular or special meeting (or by e-mail), or through the suspension of its charter by the national organization acting under the authority of National By-Law IV, 2 (c). In case of dissolution, all remaining funds in the Chapter treasury and all Chapter records shall be turned over to the AATF Executive Director under the terms of the aforementioned By-Law.


Article IX: Amendments


      Amendments or revisions are to be submitted to the officers for initial consideration. They are then submitted to the Executive Council, with a 2/3 affirmative vote required for approval. The amended or revised Constitution will then become final immediately.